Why Simplicity is Difficult

Why is simplicity difficult?

Because creating a “simple” looking space with clean lines is actually very complicated! There is not a lot of trim or overlapping of product to hide any margin of error. A clean, flush line actually takes an incredible amount of planning, organization and communication between many trades. The result is absolutely fabulous!

The Dish Storage

A glass cabinet can be a great way to add lightness and a reflective surface as well as interest to a kitchen. In this design, I wanted something that was also not see through. Dennis Cilley of Premier Glass was able to provide high quality, modern frosted glass that is perfect!

The Communication Cabinet

I’ll be blogging about this little guy soon but in the meanwhile enjoy the simple lines of Benjamin Moore, Coventry Grey painted cabinet with a walnut wood top. The inset, overlay drawers were a perfect way to create a modern, functional style.

The Custom Dining Table

Inspired by Altus designs and created by Tyler Jackson of Haven Hill Homes is this 60” diameter table with 2 leaves to extend to 110” and seat 10 people. Truly an amazing piece that is both inspiring and sentimental to me.

The Light Fixture

This feature is from Fogg Lighting in Portland, Maine and provides a modern feel while adding simplicity and another layer to texture, shape, and design elements.

The Mantle

Now this was the hardest part! There was an existing fireplace in the space that was traditional and not very well designed… frankly, just a tad boring. The homeowner wanted to see something that was a bit more dynamic and blending with the style of the newly created space. This is created by flush mounted Galilea Marble and a Walnut Mantle (created by Haven Hill Homes). To create this flush mounted marble and cantilevered mantle I send huge applause to Star Island Builders, it was not easy and these guys did a perfect job. Thank you!


In the end, the beautiful simplicity lies between the materials selected, the craftsmen and the builders putting this all together along with me, the designer! Join me in the exciting adventure of creating simplicity!

Here are the links again; check them out, and tell them I sent you!

Haven Hill Builders

Premier Glass

Fogg Lighting

Star Island Builders


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