Meet Newmarket New Construction

The Newmarket New Construction has started the design process! Come along for the ride… this will be fun!

My client has purchased 12 acres in Newmarket, NH where he is the last property on a dead end road abutting conservation land. What a great find & purchase! The property currently has an antique house (in disrepair) and studio across the street. The house will be torn down while salvaging any architectural details possible and the studio will be renovated for my client.

The new house will be passive solar in a Japanese Folk inspired design and we’ll locate the house on the lot to take advantage of beautiful wooded glen view with a North | South access. The walls facing north will have few windows and cement walls that continue up from the foundation while the south facing walls will be conventionally framed and mostly glass. With a deep overhangs and roof will create outdoor rooms that connect to the living spaces. The footprint layout will create two courtyards. The key is to capture winter sun and summer shade. We can do this in my CAD program by setting the longitude and latitude of the property and design as well as locate the house appropriately.

The house will be roughly 1600 sf and include three bedrooms, two baths open concept common space. There will be a connector section that will “winter” the bonsai trees and act as a mudroom connecting to a two-car garage.

While this is a custom home, it is also important to consider resale. This will be a perfect retirement home for the still practicing psychiatrist and everything will be ADA compliant as he ages. Our goal is to create an attractive and unique home for any empty nester with grown children to relax and enjoy nature.


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