Arborvitaes Are Your Friend!

Why are arborvitaes your friend?

Well, your neighbor might not be your friend but an arborvitae will certainly help you get along. It’s simple, it you like your privacy, arborvitaes are definitely your friend.

They say fences make great neighbors. I say, “Fences keep your dog in your yard, arborvitaes make great neighbors”.


  • The Green Wall
  • Height

You simply cannot buy a fence that is 30 feet tall.

I have a backyard neighbor that is harmless but his house is… let’s just say, well he doesn’t have electricity and he lives in downtown Portsmouth. It’s odd. The house is odd. The house is a quite unsightly. I wanted to block his house from view so 7 years ago I planted Giant arborvitaes and I haven’t see his house in 5 years!

My other neighbor likes noise. Lots of noise! All kinds of noise. While an arborvitae can’t eliminate noise, it certainly helps with the visual / auditory relationship. Hale’s Landscaping planted this row of arborvitaes last year for us and we worked hard during the winter to keep them free from snow to keep them alive. In one year, they have grown roughly 24”. Since our property is narrow, we needed a specific variety that would allow us to still have a driveway.

Trust me on this, a green wall is a good thing!


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