Creating a Clean Palette

When it comes to artwork, I often hear that people are confused or stuck with their direction and goals. Many people struggle with “Where to begin” or “I’m stuck”. My first advise is to give is to create a clean palette.

Step 1: Take Down all the art from the existing wall. This immediately shakes things up and that’s good.

Step 2: Fill the holes. I usually just use my finger and smooth compound over the hole. This allows creates a smooth surface that just needs a little bit of sanding.

Step3: Paint. Try changing things up:

a) Paint the room or…

b) Paint just one wall from corner to corner – try an accent color (make sure it blends!)

c) Try white. Sometimes, you just need a change and painting it white will give you that clean palette.

Once you have a clean palette you can move around your artwork or leave it blank for that perfect piece of art that you have needed for inspiration.


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