History of Homes

Every home has a story. Even a new construction home has a story of finding the lot, designing the home, the building process and pulling together the interiors and landscapes. Stories make an environment rich with dimension and interest.

Our 1910 Bungalow in Portsmouth, NH was basically a poor mans simple home that had an “Old World” feeling to it. Neighbors who have lived on our block for over 50 years have shared the history of the home with me. With respect of the past and acknowledging our needs we got to love the house back to life and introduce dimensions and details.

Stories and history bring a soul to a property and make it a home filled with laughter, holidays and memories.

Here is the link on Houzz.com that brings stories to the surface: http://www.houzz.com/ideabooks/18805322/list/How-to-Research-Your-Home-s-History


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