Bringing Back the Pole Lamp

I have recently been obsessed by the pole lamp – kind of embarrassing until it gets interesting.

A client was looking for one so I quickly discovered that it has become a lost art. I bought one inexpensively from ebay, fixed it up and had custom shades made out of fabric inspired by the art of Brian Coleman. This is a prototype to see if a) there is an interest b) discover the inner workings of it. Should the idea take off… I’m bringing it back!

But in a conversation with an architect we both surmised that the pole lamp is simply the vertical version of the track light. We all understand the flexibility and function of the track light, but honestly… the pole light can offer the same flexibility in a very inspiring way. Move around the lamps, move around the pole and it’s all good. Little bit of retro, lot a bit of fun & interest!


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