There Are No Rules

As a child, we learned how to color within lines and follow rules. But when it comes to design, it’s important to have a little fun!

I often have my clients ask me what rules they should be following when starting a design project. My advice is usually fairly vague, I want to see where they will take us on this journey. I encourage my clients to buy a few things that they really like, bring me paint samples that they feel passionate about, photos of furniture that they own and will be incorporating into the project and anything else that might come into play. Ironically, I usually find that people are fairly consistent in what they love. Our job as designers… to pull it all together!

I so enjoy the challenge of bringing all these pieces together to create an environment that my clients are love and feel comfortable in. So go ahead, trust your gut. There are no rules when it comes to design.

Here is a link to an article on to give you a few more ideas.


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