Making Windows Work for You

Windows are the connection between the interior and exterior of every home. I figure I spend about 30% of my time on a project just focusing on windows and likewise it’s about 30% of the construction budget. Windows are the eyes of the soul of your home.   And we all understand how windows work…… Continue reading Making Windows Work for You

What is Wallingford Square in Kittery Foreside?

When I’m working in the showroom I love to chat with people coming in. My favorite question is, “Where are you from?” During the summer, people are literally from all over the world! It is so exciting to see how thrilled they are to have found our sweet little corner of the Seacoast. They feel… Continue reading What is Wallingford Square in Kittery Foreside?

What’s up at 7 Wallingford Square?

Have you been to Kittery lately? I mean the REAL Kittery, not the outlet malls. This is the downtown section that is just over the Memorial Bridge from Portsmouth toward the Shipyard and runs primarily between Route 1 on Government and Walker Streets. This… this is the heart of Kittery called “Kittery Foreside”. And within… Continue reading What’s up at 7 Wallingford Square?

Throwback Thursday: Lobster Buoys

Lobster buoys might be cool  artistically but they are also very serious business for those who make their living by catching lobsters in Maine.  Specifically, Maine is very stringent in their lobstering laws in order to preserve the longevity of the trade. My sweet friend Barbara Elkhorn lives on an island off the coast of… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Lobster Buoys

Creating a Clean Palette

When it comes to artwork, I often hear that people are confused or stuck with their direction and goals. Many people struggle with “Where to begin” or “I’m stuck”. My first advise is to give is to create a clean palette. Step 1: Take Down all the art from the existing wall. This immediately shakes… Continue reading Creating a Clean Palette

History of Homes

Every home has a story. Even a new construction home has a story of finding the lot, designing the home, the building process and pulling together the interiors and landscapes. Stories make an environment rich with dimension and interest. Our 1910 Bungalow in Portsmouth, NH was basically a poor mans simple home that had an… Continue reading History of Homes