Throwback Thursday: Lobster Buoys

Lobster buoys might be cool  artistically but they are also very serious business for those who make their living by catching lobsters in Maine.  Specifically, Maine is very stringent in their lobstering laws in order to preserve the longevity of the trade.

My sweet friend Barbara Elkhorn lives on an island off the coast of Maine northeast of Bar Harbor and is a born & raised “Mainer”. (The older she gets, the harder it is to understand her!) This is a photo of her shack that is purely functional and proudly displays the buoys of those who have fished their waters and are part of their family.

The older the family the more straightforward the color. Barbara’s family is black & white, now that’s old compared to the neon colors used today. How can you not look at this photo and think of many throwbacks?


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