How to Choose a Perfect Rug

In 2009 we were able to go to New Zealand  and what an amazing, unforgettable trip that we all want to repeat! Almost immediately upon arriving, it was apparent that the sheep basically ruled the country. In the state of Maine, there are more trees than people. In country of New Zealand, there are more sheep than people!

These sheep are valued and well cared for and enjoy beautiful views. While at the Starbucks in Christ Church, we ran into the buyers for Smartwool and it became apparent that these sheep have a world reputation for the fabulous.

When it comes to rugs, you should always look for NZ wool. Always. NZ wool means quality, quality, quality wool – strong and enduring. Check out this article that has a bit more information on the topic. Classic Rug Collection uses NZ wool in their rugs. I have a few of their rugs in the showroom to show you that are very interesting, come by and check them out!


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