How to Arrange Your Furniture

Arranging your furniture in an open space can be a challenge if the space has a few different traffic patterns. Add a fireplace and it makes it even more tricky, especially if this also functions as your TV viewing area. One more complexity added to this space is an amazing view of the ocean. Here are some things to consider:

1) The flow of traffic: You can control the flow of traffic in a space by placing furniture appropriately. Think about closing off the traffic in one area so that you can maximize seating. For example, in this photo there is a flow of traffic around the seating but not through it.

2) Consider how many people you would like to seat in your room: Determining your maximum guests allows you to define the use of the room. This arrangement creates a more intimate seating area with options of seating on the edges of the room such as the window seat.

3) Visual Direction: The TV is located on the wall opposite the fireplace so that both can be enjoyed at the same time and the view is straight ahead of the two chairs. Also consider what you will be looking at at night (TV & fireplace) verses during the day (view).

Here are some other helpful hints to consider when arranging your furniture. If you need any help, I’m happy to do a consultation with you.


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