Making Windows Work for You

Windows are the connection between the interior and exterior of every home. I figure I spend about 30% of my time on a project just focusing on windows and likewise it’s about 30% of the construction budget. Windows are the eyes of the soul of your home.   And we all understand how windows work…… Continue reading Making Windows Work for You

How to Create a “Forever Home”

Are you tired of moving? Are you looking for the opportunity to design your “last” home? Ironically, I have two of these projects on my boards right now. Life is life and is, of course, very unpredictable. But while you can’t control the circumstances and outcomes of life, we still owe it to ourselves to… Continue reading How to Create a “Forever Home”

Throwback Thursday: Natural Granite

New Hampshire is proudly “The Granite State”. We have granite curbs and unfortunately, we discover granite when digging for a foundation. When you hike above the tree line… granite is all over! Granite is a stone formed from fire and consists of quartz, feldspar and mica. This stone was once a molten flowing mass much… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Natural Granite