How to Create a “Forever Home”

Are you tired of moving? Are you looking for the opportunity to design your “last” home? Ironically, I have two of these projects on my boards right now. Life is life and is, of course, very unpredictable. But while you can’t control the circumstances and outcomes of life, we still owe it to ourselves to… Continue reading How to Create a “Forever Home”

Holy Hale!

Holy Hale! Hale’s is In! Are you looking for a talented, creative, all-inclusive landscaping team? Hale’s Landscaping is the answer! Steve and John Hale of Hale’s Landscaping are the brothers that have brought landscaping into the realm of creative design with rock, moss, lichen and native New England plants to make your entry, front and/or… Continue reading Holy Hale!

How to Establish a Project Timeline

Are you thinking about starting a new home project? If so, I encourage you to consider the timeline. Typically, for a larger project, I try to allow for 6 months of design. This gives a nice window of exhaustive schematic design. A solid design ultimately saves my clients money during construction because there is less… Continue reading How to Establish a Project Timeline

Handcrafted Tiles

These ceramic 2×2 tiles bring a custom feel to the typical mosaic look. Available in 12 different colors as well as custom colors. They can also be fabricated in smaller and larger tiles. Think about these tiles as an artful inspiration to your kitchen or bathroom backsplash. To pull the textured space together, pulls and… Continue reading Handcrafted Tiles