How to Establish a Project Timeline

Are you thinking about starting a new home project? If so, I encourage you to consider the timeline.

  1. Typically, for a larger project, I try to allow for 6 months of design. This gives a nice window of exhaustive schematic design. A solid design ultimately saves my clients money during construction because there is less time spent trying to decipher drawings. The Schematic Design phase is an important time to hash out all ideas, concepts and perspectives. We’ll think about how the light impacts the space, the flow of traffic, the functional use of space, etc.
  2. While we are in the Construction Drawing phase, we specify the material selections. These material selections will greatly impact the price. By proper communication between the client and contractor, it is my job to communicate with the contractor and subs the material selections selected by the homeowner for proper installation. This will keep the construction timeline on target and budget.
  3. Specifically, being located in New England we are subject to increased construction prices in the winter and delayed timelines. At all costs, try to avoid building outside during the winter. Ideally, we try to time foundations to be poured in October at the latest to get the house tight by January when the snow is flying. Planning and designing a project well will cut down the timeline of construction

The house in the photo above started design in April. We are just getting final pricing. So now… fingers crossed we break ground soon. The market is very busy right now so it is difficult to secure sub-contractors. We plan and design to the best of our ability and then hope that weather and budgets cooperate!

Long and short, we are typically talking about 1 year for design and construction. Time it well and you will be enjoying a drink on your new back patio in the summer!


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