Finding the Right Countertops_Part 2

Still reading? Still looking for the right countertops? Read on!

In the first part of this blog, we discussed how to move forward from formica and the price points that follow that decision. We also discussed the positives and negatives of all of those materials. With those decisions, comes discussion of application, durability and design.

In this blog, I would like to address the DESIGN aspect of finding the right countertop.

First and foremost… avoid “The Trend” unless you absolutely love it and think it is timeless for you! It is expensive and wasteful to think that you will renovate your kitchen again before 10-15 years pass (most people go for the 30 year goal if the cabinets can withstand time). A trending kitchen will “date” the kitchen for years to come. In the trades, we chuckle at the past and recall with a smile:

  • 1980’s- Formica countertops with oak cabinets.
  • 1990’s- Formica countertops with wood edging and red “oak” veneer cabinets.
  • 2000- Corian Countertops with White Malite (plastic) cabinets
  • 2005- Black Granite / Slate Countertop with Cherry Cabinets
  • 2010- Granite Countertops with Painted Cabinets
  • 2015- Light/ White Engineered Quartz with White Cabinets

If you are going to sell your home in the next 2-5 years – then go Trending! A trending kitchen counter will actually sell your home. People typically expect granite (even if it is the least expensive granite on the market and the cabinets are from Lowes.) I’m not saying this is right, it’s just human nature.

I encourage you to think outside of the box. There are SO many different options, manufactures and materials that can be unique to your own home. Consider this:

  • What is the flooring, cabinetry, walls and hardware in the room?
  • Do you want your countertop to “steal the show” or “blend into the background”?
  • How light or dark is the room? If you want to go dark on the counter, be sure you have adequate room or natural light.
  • Are you up for maintaining a kitchen counter (which includes wiping it down) or does your household tend need a countertop that hides a mess?

Lastly, if you need help or advice on selecting the right countertop, let me know! I’m happy to help out!


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