Creating a Sacred Space in Your Home

Do you have a place in your home that you especially love and feel at peace in? If not, I highly recommend that you create this place.

A Sacred Space is a place where you can go to sit quietly, put the world aside for a few moments and find peace. This place will give you the balance and perspective to face the day, conflict and stress. This helps us to be better human beings, more conscious of our world and all that is important to us.

Every home is “custom” and unique to you. It is where you are the most private and feel the most comfortable. But even within your home there are more public spaces – like your kitchen, dining, and living room – and less public like office/ library, family room and bedrooms. I suggest that you create a Sacred Space in the more private spaces.

Here is what I suggest your Sacred Space should incorporate:

  1. Location: You should have the ability to close a door and be private. A window seems to be an essential part of the space – nature is an important element to be able to connect with.
  2. A Comfortable Chair: You really should be comfortable, able to put your feet up and have a nice throw blanket that will keep you secure and warm.
  3. The Four Elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Air are all important element to add to your space. I find these to be enriching and essential participants in your experience of creating a Sacred Space.

Adding a spiritual element in your home and life intentionally brings balance to you and the world. I am keenly aware that this is a personal subject, but if you want to hear more on the topic please let me know.

Here are some more ideas to add to the mix:








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