Finding the Right Countertops_ Part 1

The old formica countertops from the 80’s with wood trim have finally come to their days of retirement. Actually, the formica is probably still in great shape, it’s the wood that has given out… formica seems to last for forever (like it or not). So it begs the question: now what? Options given a comparable… Continue reading Finding the Right Countertops_ Part 1

420 RENO…Countertop Decision Time

What kind of countertops do you have? More importantly, what kind of countertops do you want? Here are the choices: granite, marble, soapstone, concrete, glass, corian, engineered stone (all considered “solid surface”) wood or laminate. In New England, we do not consider tile an option but in other areas of the country, this is fairly… Continue reading 420 RENO…Countertop Decision Time

Is it Granite or Soapstone?

Are you looking for the perfect countertop solution? This is the journey that my client and I went on with her countertop… My client was looking for a granite that was soft in color but rich in dimension, had a nice “hand” and low maintenance. After much research and searching we determined that Costa Smerelda was… Continue reading Is it Granite or Soapstone?

Throwback Thursday: Natural Granite

New Hampshire is proudly “The Granite State”. We have granite curbs and unfortunately, we discover granite when digging for a foundation. When you hike above the tree line… granite is all over! Granite is a stone formed from fire and consists of quartz, feldspar and mica. This stone was once a molten flowing mass much… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Natural Granite

Countertop Controversy

Countertops are a huge financial investment and a huge visual impact! Every homeowner has an opinion about countertops because they are a huge part of your daily life. Do they show dirt? Do they stain? Can you ruin them with heat? How do they feel to the hand? What is the difference between natural and man-made… Continue reading Countertop Controversy