Is it Granite or Soapstone?

Are you looking for the perfect countertop solution? This is the journey that my client and I went on with her countertop…

My client was looking for a granite that was soft in color but rich in dimension, had a nice “hand” and low maintenance. After much research and searching we determined that Costa Smerelda was the right stone for color and texture. Honed granite would be durable, take heat, and not need to be maintained like soapstone. However, the problem was two-fold: 1) price and 2) we could not find a honed piece anywhere (including photos online).

Arens Stoneworks in Greenland, NH thought creatively and found 2 slabs of Costa Smerelda Rose (much less expensive with the “rose”) that had no rose in it. Then,  my brave client signed a waiver to have the granite slabs honed and would accept the slabs regardless of the finished product. Therefore, we rolled the dice and never had a final sample in order to select paint colors for walls and cabinetry. The result was well worth the risk!

Honed Costa Smerelda Rose-No Rose is a  stone has a soft hand and the look of soapstone but was about 30% less expensive and will not need the maintenance that soapstone requires. Truly, it is gorgeous and fits in the home beautifully! The end of the story is a happy client and that makes me happy!


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