Countertop Controversy

Countertops are a huge financial investment and a huge visual impact! Every homeowner has an opinion about countertops because they are a huge part of your daily life. Do they show dirt? Do they stain? Can you ruin them with heat? How do they feel to the hand? What is the difference between natural and man-made products? We have so many choices these day (because the “formica reign” really needed to end!) that it is very confusing.

One key thing to remember is that you should choose the countertop that speaks to your heart. If you are a perfectionist, sometimes natural stone (granite, soapstone, etc.) is just too unpredictable and uncomfortable. Then you would be looking for a man-made product such as quartz, silestone etc. because these products are completely predictable from the sample on the floor to your finished countertop. If you embrace the elements and prefer a more natural and organic look, then you should be considering natural stone available in many different finishes.

This article offers some solid advice and information on countertops. One bit of solid advise… be sure to have enough contrast between your countertops and cabinets in order for it to read interesting.

What kind of a countertop do you like, natural or man-made?


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