Antique Cape gets an Upgrade

This sweet antique cape located in Durham, NH gets an upgrade!

The scope of this project really centered around the fact that the existing house was a two-bedroom house for a family of five – clearly, we needed to add two bedrooms!

It’s very rare to have clients who stay focused on the original scope of the project, but these clients were VERY focused. There were several opportunities for “Scope Creep” – defined as when the project starts off as “X with X budget” and ends up as “Y = + $$$”. But in this project, there was absolutely NO “Scope Creep”! The scope of the project was exactly “add two bedrooms” and at the end of the day, that’s what we did.

The challenge and sweet spot were absolutely the windows. We wanted to make sure that the windows blended with the original 1700’s antique cape. Therefore, we used size as our guideline. We tucked windows 9″ above the second-floor height so we could assure window location as well as keep the new roofline below the existing roofline.


The clients made this project! They stayed on budget and within original Scope. The end result is beautiful and graceful!


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