Cabinet Storage Ideas for your Home

Cabinet storage ideas for your home are incredibly creative and inspiring! 

I see it this way, you are paying for cabinetry, you might as well make it work for you!


This is one room that you need your storage to work for you. Think about what you want to hold… towels, sheets and personal care items. Make the layout fluid for you, you want your bathroom to be organized and clean – not messy and stressful! The cabinet storage in this room is crucial to having an effective bathroom for guests as well as yourself.


The magic of a pantry is that it can be located anywhere. The most important part of the pantry is that the shelves are not deep. As a matter of fact, the shallower the better. In one photo, you are seeing the pantry as being part of the mudroom just off the kitchen. In the other photo, you are seeing an efficient version of a pantry pull-out. These pull-outs can be as narrow as 9″.


When there is seating on the island with a countertop overhang, there is always consideration about how to most efficiently use the base cabinets holding up the island or peninsula. In this photo, you are seeing a small cabinet with seating in front of it that holds vases not often used.


Plan your space as personable and efficiently as possible. Always consider the sink flanked by the dishwasher and trash / recycle on either side.


Quite often stairs “stack” which means that the staircase that goes up also goes down on the story below. In this case, there is not an opportunity to create storage. But, if there isn’t a stacking staircase, it affords you an amazing amount of space for storage. In this project shown here, we were able to use the staircase on all sides for storage from dishes, a broom closet, as well as wood for the fireplace.


It is really important to list of items that you want to fit into the cabinetry BEFORE you start building the cabinetry. We typically use custom cabinets because they price out just about the same as a quality semi-custom stock cabinet, but even if you are using stock cabinets I encourage you to think every detail of your cabinets before ordering and install.


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