Why Architecture is an Important Part of Design Inspirations

When I design, the beauty of buildings inspires me.

From the very simplistic to the extremely intricate, I appreciate what Architects – both current and historic – have created.

With these in mind, I designed a line of fabric. My graphic line of fabric is inspired by architecture. This line has a very defined and strong repeat as it moves. The organic fabric line is inspired by my love of nature.


I recently had an opportunity to do a photo shoot of my product line with Brea MacDonald Photography and Kate Martin of Maine Prop House as the stylist. I love the symbol of Fort McLeary located in Kittery Point, Maine. Using it as our structure with the white, strong, rectilinear angles and significant stone foundation was perfect. The water of New Hampshire and Maine as a backdrop softens the rectilinear lines of the fort. Since my company is based both in Maine and New Hampshire; this is an important symbol for me.

Fort McLeary – color story is as bold in location as it is in design. I find that the graphic line looks better in bold and bright colors of purple, pink and oranges. These are colors that work well together as well as others either as an accent or boldly complimenting each other as a statement.

I hope you enjoy this line, let me know your thoughts. I bet they would look beautiful in your home!


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Watch the video below!


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