Where Old Meets New

We do a lot of additions and renovations!

And they are fun! Why…? I love the renovation challenge and no two homes are alike.

I love taking an old home with old floor / ceiling joists and pushing the design to adjust to modern dimensions and building codes. Existing foundations and stair codes are rarely met and pose many issues if not addressed early in the design phase. This renovation must be done in collaboration with the building inspector. The goal is to improve and update the home to modern living standards.

If you have lived in a dated home and have already gone through the renovation process, you may recognize some of these!

 Benefits to Renovating

Windows: new double-pane windows keep the wind & cold out and heating bills down. The ease of opening and closing a new window brings such simple joy!

Insulation: this will keep your toes warm and provide an efficient home.

Doors: They will actually open, close and lock when you replace your door – inside and out.

Drywall: Most old homes still have plaster & lathe which is really hard to hang anything on successfully. Drywall is clean, easy to paint and hang artwork.

So many issues… yet so many solutions!

Respecting and embracing the old while blending the new is such a balance. Let this balance create opportunities and joy! It’s all in the vision!

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