Reality Hits When a Backhoe Shows Up in Your Front Yard

Do you have a backhoe in your front yard?

Most people are really excited the day that the backhoe shows up and construction begins… then they are even happier when the contractor’s truck pulls away at the end of a project.

The beginning part of a project is not only exciting for homeowners; it is for me too! This project was slated to begin in May and we hustled this spring to get the construction drawings done. There were several delays with the town and the contractor, but we are more than ready to get this project underway.

The project will be fun to show you as it takes shape! As you can see from the picture above, the backhoe is almost larger than the house, and for good reason! Below are a few pictures of the construction and two HUGE boulders we had to get rid of.


This sweet little 800 sq. ft. house is located in a pocket neighborhood of homes built in the ‘50s. There was an addition done around the ‘80s on the left side, which will be removed. The backhoe will do a lot of this teardown – it won’t take much, as it is 2×4 construction with cinderblock foundation and a crawl space.

The new addition will be a “Barn Style” design. Because the existing house roof is so low, (only 6’- 4” at the ce
nter for about 3’ wide) walking around the second floor is a tad tricky. In order to get the desired space out of the addition, we decided to have the addition mimic a barn. This will also be constructed taller than the house. A two-car garage with master bedroom suite above it, a new kitchen, and a dining area on the first floor will be constructed in the “barn” to give it a homey atmosphere.

After the existing addition is removed, the new foundation is poured, and the site is properly excavated, we will be putting our job sign up! Keep an eye out and stay tuned on the process of this sweet little house!

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