Building Techniques in India

I recently returned from a trip to India and wanted to share some insight into the building techniques in an absolutely amazingly resourceful country To my surprise, the nicest homes and hotels I have ever been in were in India, counterbalanced by small shacks with tin & rocks for roofs. My brain tried to make… Continue reading Building Techniques in India

420 RENO… What’s the Big Deal About Studs?

Have you ever owned a Stud Finder? A handy little tool that many women wish it would work on men instead walls. The reason for having a Stud Finder is so that you can find where the studs are when hanging something heavy. You can also just knock on the walls until you hear a more… Continue reading 420 RENO… What’s the Big Deal About Studs?

Throwback Thursday: Claim the Reclaimed!

Embrace the old! Using reclaimed products is a wonderful way to add dimension and history to your home. This renovated home dates to 1910 but it didn’t have interesting woodwork. Not a problem, we added it! The beadboard, baseboard, balusters, railing and newel post are all from Old House Parts in Kennebunk, Maine but from… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Claim the Reclaimed!