420 RENO… What’s the Big Deal About Studs?

Have you ever owned a Stud Finder? A handy little tool that many women wish it would work on men instead walls. The reason for having a Stud Finder is so that you can find where the studs are when hanging something heavy. You can also just knock on the walls until you hear a more solid sound. Or you can also look at where the electrical is placed and assume that the box is nailed to a stud then measure over from there approx. 16″.

When framing a new wall, you have the opportunity to place the wall exactly where you want/ need it to be. It is a great luxury and one that should be carefully planned out.

My master bedroom is very small 12′ x 12′ – about the size of a nursery. When designing the space, there was simply not a lot that I could do about this. It is a small, old bungalow that sits right on our property line so an addition was not an option. Therefore, on this 12′ wall I need to fit: a side table, queen bed, another side table and a door. I also have pendant lights that I have ordered so there is not a lot of flexibility once we set the walls.

Additionally, the bathroom will be beautiful but still small. Therefore, I’m opting for an 18″ deep sink and a wall mounted faucet. This gives me an additional 4-5″ of floor space in the bathroom. I’ve had a custom medicine cabinet made for the side wall so that it can have electrical and bypass sliding doors instead of a hinged door which would create an awkward space. Both the medicine cabinet and wall mounted fixture needed to be studded out correctly in order to be efficient when installation takes place.

When renovating your home, you will want to take careful look at how the walls lay out. These walls are vitally important to the function and flow of your new space so it is well worth the thought.



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