What Should You Know BEFORE Starting a Project?

BEFORE  you start construction, it is important to know what you are in for. This usually results in lengthly conversations with your contractor. If you are still interviewing or if you are finalizing the contract these are important steps to take:

1) Make a list of your expectations and sit down with your contractor to see if these are reasonable. Some things you might need to edit but for the most part this will put you on the same page.

2) If you are going to stay in your home while it is being renovated, be realistic about the process and expectations. Things WILL be dirty, privacy WILL be invaded and your living there WILL slow down the process. That said, often people want to stay in their home as long as possible to eliminate the expense of moving out. Make sure that this is appropriate for your project and understand how the crew will be working with you.

3) Budget and timeline should be discussed and discovered. Then… double it!

In all honesty, this is a huge investment in your largest asset. It is well worth the adventure, just make sure you are on the same page as your contractor. Here are some more things to consider.



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