420 RENO…Why Would Anyone Renovate in the Winter?

Seriously! Why would anyone renovate in the winter in New England? With about 38″ of snow, we have our challenges – often the crew not being able to get to the site or the dumpster getting stuck in the snow. Again, time is money.

But, the market is good here and that means that contractors are busy so they would not even consider doing this project in the summer. This project is mostly an interior renovation – Kitchen and Master Suite. A sweet job for contractors to stay warm and move through relatively quickly during the winter.

The exterior work that needs to be done is new siding, new windows and insulation. Therefore, about a week before work started, they built a shelter around the side of the house that they were working on. Neighbors passing by thought we were adding on a greenhouse or lap pool!

But this shelter is actually well insulated now with the snow and with the addition of a heater, it stays relatively warm. There is a door on the side that allows them to carry materials and debris in & out instead of walking through the finished part of the house. Because of the shelter, they will be able to blow in insulation (which has to be done at above freezing temperatures) and install the windows and siding uninterrupted by the weather.

Special thanks goes to my amazing neighbor Scott Belinski! He has allowed us to use his driveway – dumpster and all – throughout the project. Now, that is the definition of a good neighbor!

Note: please look to the right of the house and you will see the shelter. 


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