Throwback Thursday: Claim the Reclaimed!

Embrace the old! Using reclaimed products is a wonderful way to add dimension and history to your home. This renovated home dates to 1910 but it didn’t have interesting woodwork. Not a problem, we added it!

The beadboard, baseboard, balusters, railing and newel post are all from Old House Parts in Kennebunk, Maine but from about 3 different original. But HOW do you achieve the logistics of finding and installing the finish product?

1) Measure the area that you would like to use the reclaimed products.

2) Talk to your contractor and see what his thoughts are. If you don’t have a contractor¬†on the job site and you are going to work on the project yourself, simply meet with your reclaimed supplier and discuss what you are looking for. The thing is, most of them know exactly what products they have in stock even though the place might look like a mess.

3) Most things are sold by the lineal foot or square foot, that will allow you to do some cost estimating to make sure that you want to do the project. I encourage you to now over think the pricing. Adding reclaimed is an educated decision but it is not cheap, it is creative.

For more information of building efficiently and using reclaimed products in your design, check out this article.


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