It’s HOT!

In all honesty, I’m not much of an AC girl! However, it was my husband’s “deal breaker” for moving – he insisted on AC! Because I really wanted to move to Portsmouth, NH (an amazing city) I caved. But here’s the thing to point out… THE VENT CHASE!

At the time, I referred to this lovely chase as “Our Divorce Wall” because we spent about 4K to take down a chimney and replaced it with a chase just a little more plumb with the staircase to the second floor. On the upside, my hairdresser sold me an amazing piece of artwork for the wall. On the downside, I want to remind you all about this wicked chase that goes through all the floors of your home. Recently, I was at a client’s new home and they decided to put in AC during construction and loose 18″ out of their master shower. It’s an educated decision that we make but it is best to make it in advance of construction and during the design phase!

Don’t get me started on the AC unit itself! We had to get a variance to put it on the side of our home because of tight property lines. During the winter we could hear the neighbor’s snow plow come by and dump snow on our AC exchanger. My solution… a BIG boulder to keep my neighbor’s snow plow from dumping snow on it!

AC… worth it? You can decide on your own but here is an article to give advise on hiding the AC unit.



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