Creating the shelves for our renovated kitchen was my favorite project in the renovation. Why? Because…

  • I knew that this was something that you would see the minute that you walked in the door, so it became an important design feature.
  • I wanted to use it as it as a functional element to hold our dinnerware, therefore it had to be structural.
  • It was an opportunity to blend in the existing materials of the dark walnut of the glass cabinet and antique pantry doors.
  • It made all the subs and contractor work seamlessly together. How?
    1. The contractor had to install the steel brackets at the exact right height that I gave them and make sure (absolutely sure) that they were level.
    2. The electrician had to have the wire at the exact right height for the recessed lighting.
    3. The cabinetmaker had to make a template and cut them all in half so that on the jobsite there was a “sample” yet the cabinetmaker had the template for fabricating. They were also drilling a hole for the wire so that there would not be a wire visible from the outside of the shelf.
    4. The tile installer had to create tile carefully around the brackets.

The end results are beautiful, functional shelves that hold our plates, mugs, a plant, candle and other cooking accessories. If you need help in creating your floating shelves, let me know. Once you learn how to make something once, why not do it again!

More ideas on how to decorate with floating shelves can be found on this link: http://www.hgtv.com/design/decorating/design-101/13-ways-to-decorate-with-floating-shelves-pictures



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