What’s Up with White Walls?

No doubt, white is back. Being a girl who likes color, I fought pretty hard to not join the crowd. That was until I painted the shop… WHITE!

To be specific, Benjamin Moore, Simply White. And you know what? It looks great! The art looks great! The furniture looks great right along with the rugs. It’s just great.

I often do consultations in which we are looking at different shades of white, especially when we are looking at doing a white trim and white room / space. Frankly, I just like the same color of white but a different finish – Walls = eggshell and Trim = Semi-Gloss. It’s a good look. You don’t have to change colors. They will look different in texture and finish.

I will also say if you want color, why not add an accent wall? Or just paint a space white, but not necessarily the entire house?

Like I said, I love color. White allows me to play even more with color in furniture, fabric, window treatments and more! Come in and check out our beautiful blue sofa at the showroom.



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