An Outdoor Shower Will Make Your Day!

After a vibrant and fun day outside, I can’t quite describe the enjoyment of taking an outdoor shower. The dirtier you are, the better the shower! If you have kids and/or a dog, it is well worth your investment!

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Make sure that you install hot & cold water for your shower (yes, in cold areas you will need to remember to drain the pipes in the late fall).
  • Create privacy – make sure that the walls go high and low enough to provide adequate privacy for those taking a shower. Don’t forget the lock either!
  • Location, location, location – Try to place your shower using a few key components:
    • Next to water supply.
    • Where you can achieve privacy and access easily from the inside of the house.
    • Consider how you can “camouflage” your outdoor shower from the rest of your backyard.

An outdoor shower is definitely a luxury but if you are already under construction, this is a great time to add such an amazing feature to your home. After all, there is nothing better than taking a shower and looking at the clouds floating by!

Here are some more ideas from Houzz.


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