420 RENO… My Master Bedroom “Door”

Do you have a door to your bedroom? Admittedly, while I’ve always had a door, I have often not had a lock (an unfortunate fact as a parent).

Since I live in a bungalow, figuring out the entry to the master bedroom in our latest renovation was a bit of a challenge. In the end, I settled on keeping the door to the master bedroom suite in the same place to avoid extra costs. That said, it remains at the top of the staircase to the basement and off the kitchen and into a “hallway” – not ideal but it will work.

That said, I wanted to avoid a pocket door because I have electrical in the wall and the wall itself is structural so that does not make it an ideal location for a pocket door. It is a perfect location for a BARN DOOR!

The fun part was the ability to design my own door. Now, this isn’t hard. Here are some hints on how to design our own:

1) Take a measurement of the opening.

2) Remember that you have a door casing that needs to remain so measure that as well.

3) Add 6” above the top of the casing and 4” on each side so that the door overlaps.

4) This dimension will cover the opening but if you want some sort of pattern on the door, keep in mind that the pattern should be within the opening. Remember: this is very important!!

5) The “pattern” really, really needs to react to and respect other materials/ patterns around the door. For example, in the kitchen I have the lines of the wood ceiling that are strong and need to dance on their own. And in the hallway, it feels like the white walls need a piece of artwork. So… I opted for putting the “fun” diagonal toward the plain white hallway wall and the vertical boards of the door toward the kitchen. That said, it’s all very subtle, but very thoughtful.

6)There are a lot of different resources online. Here is my story… It turns out that I forgot to order the hardware so I needed it quickly. So, I go online and order hardware for $259. The next day my contractors texts me with a photo from Lowes. He had purchased the exact same hardware for $99. What can I say? I cancelled my order and you should check out your local box shop before shopping online!

If you want some help, send me over a sketch and I can help you out!



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