Ready, Set… Go? (PART 2)

Yesterday, I blogged about planning for a renovation project. I wanted to shed more light on my approach as the Designer in this process.

1) My proposals are valid for 14 days. I do this because I want to work with people who are committed to working with me and moving forward on the project in a timely manner.

2) If you take a long time negotiating with a designer before signing on as a client, you are setting a tone for the relationship that may not be your intention. A designer is on YOUR side and will be the highest return on investment in the entire process. Remember, most of us work hourly – time is money.

3) If you don’t see the value of design, I actually suggest that you not move forward with the project and find another alternative solution.

4) Know when your market is “hot.” Look around and see how many job signs and contractor vehicles there are in an area or talk to someone in the industry. If the market is “hot,” it means that you should make decisions quickly or be prepared to wait. And… you will probably pay a bit more as well.

The renovation process can be overwhelming for any homeowner, but a lot can be learned in the process. The designer is your ally and certainly hopes to educate the client along the way.


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