Ready, Set… Go? How to Put Your Team in Place BEFORE Your Renovation Project (PART 1)

Most designers will tell you that the most challenging part of our job is educating our clients about the process of the industry.

Most homeowners will express their frustration about the stress and steep learning curve involved.

Here are a few KEY things to know before starting to plan for your project:

1) Know your budget.

2) Know what your exact timeframe is.

3) Know your plan – where will you live during the renovation? Or how do you plan to stay in the house?

4) If you need a designer, secure the designer. Don’t assume that you don’t need plans to get bids. Designing a project is not the job of a contractor. It is a designer’s job to supply a contractor with specifications and details in order to price and build a project. More on this in tomorrow’s blog!

5)Secure a contractor early in the project. Make sure that the contractor is willing to be part of a team and that his ethics and financial structure works for you. Lastly, make sure that the contractor is available during your timeline.

There are so many components that come into play. Not everything can be perfect, just make sure that it works for you in terms of finances, timeline, structure and ethics. Oh, and… try to have some fun!



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  1. Excellent tips Amy!! And just to add to tips #1 Knowing your budget is KEY., and understanding what is most important to you that you would spend a little extra on, in order to maximize your budget but also will aesthetically improve your interior spaces!
    #5 Do your research, not all contractors are the same- be sure you invest in someone with excellent feedback and actually GO and see their completed work!

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