Functional vs. Decorative Kitchen Lighting

I love lighting!

Decorative lighting can be seen as a form of artwork or an accent piece in a room or a functional aspect to modern living. Focusing on lighting elements can help define space or create a powerful vignette.

I always tell my clients that the goal is to control the eye. We really don’t want people noticing recessed lighting but more experience it. But if the pattern is off (sometimes only an inch) your subconscious eye will pick it up as startling. Recessed lighting is obviously subtle and sits in the background becoming functional and essential.

As you determine where the eye will go, think about where you want the eye to stop. For example, when walking in the kitchen do you want the eye to stop at the island with pendant lighting or the kitchen sink with a pendant? Having pendants in both places confuses the eye and clutters the space.

Next, consider the style and finish. Staying with the Kitchen example, all the metal in the kitchen should match – hardware, faucet and lighting. The style of the decorative fixture should complete the cabinetry and other finish materials to tell the entire “story” of the kitchen design.

Remember, lighting doesn’t have to be expensive, it is important to have the right lighting plan for function and aesthetics of the kitchen. When you are feeling a little more financially flush in the future you can always upgrade the decorative lighting that you bought at Lowes.

After spending a lot of money on a kitchen, let the lighting control how it is experienced and enjoyed. Need help with your plan? Just let me know!


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