How to Focus Your Upcoming House Projects


I do believe that spring has finally arrived in New England and it’s time to think about how to focus your house projects. We move from winter boots to rain boots, but too often the spring rain is 40 degrees and pretty miserable. And I’m sure that under that dirty snow are some anxious plants ready to show their little heads! Yes, Spring is short in these parts… before we know it the beach will be calling our names!

So… why not get all your chores done while the weather is nice – but not too nice. Here are some key points on how to focus your house projects:


It’s time to “slim down”! Spring Cleaning got it’s name from getting rid of all the clutter that gathered over the winter so that you could enjoy summer and not worry about the inside of your house. Donate items in good condition to Fair Tide Housing and get rid of the rest! Fair Tide and the garbage man will love you! Click here to go to the Fair Tide website!


Remember when we had tons of snow? That stuff does some serious damage. Walk around your house and see what areas need to be tended to – siding, roofs, and window sills won’t fix themselves and if you just leave them – well, that is the beginning of “delayed maintenance”. Go to Lowe’s and pick up some tools to help you fix up, or contact them if you need help doing so! Click here to go to the Lowe’s website!


Let’s face it, you can’t have as many sticks in your yard as you do. It’s a pain, but they need to be cleaned up so that the grass and plants can breathe and grow. Wait for a nice day, and get out there and enjoy the sunshine while tending to your yard! And then– use some of those sticks for DIY projects! Hale’s Landscaping is fantastic for helping with all of your outdoor needs, check out their website for more information! Click here to go to the Hale’s Landscaping website!


April is the best time to start planning your renovation project that starts in the fall / winter.

  1. TIMELINE: Typically, I work about two seasons in advance and April is when the phone rings for those projects. Waiting until August you’ll be looking at a January start date at the earliest. Being realistic on your start date is an important part of planning.
  2. BUDGET: Construction costs in New England keep going up and up! Even during the latest recession, they didn’t go down they just went flat. I suggest doing some research and discussing pricing with people even before starting to design your project. If it looks like it’s “on sale” trust me, you are getting poor quality and in this industry, that usually ends up costing you more money rather than saving it.
  3. BUILD A TEAM: Hiring a designer and builder who work complimentary of strengths and talents is key to a successful project. I am so lucky to have a team of builders that I work with who will collaborate with me from the design to construction. We challenge each other to be the best at our jobs for the benefit of our clients and produce an amazing product.

So, while you are getting your house cleaned out and maintained as well as looking good, think about how to focus your house projects and let me know if I can help you with the discovery process!





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