The Importance of an Electrical Plan

Are you ever frustrated with where light switches are located or the complete lack of light in one area or wished you could dim your lights?

When I design an interior floor plan, I always include furniture in the plan. I do this because everyone understands human scale when they see the furniture laid out, especially the bed, sofa and TV. This plan is really important because we want to place windows that work functionally to not only fit furniture but where you will also enjoy the view.

The furniture plan also allows me to create an electrical plan. The electrical plan is partly based on the furniture plan just so that we make sure we are accommodating key outlet locations regardless if the furniture moves. For example, having outlet locations on each side of the bed and appropriately locating the TV.

I draw the electrical plan as a “layer” on the drawing that can be turned on and off and typically printed in red. The electrical plan that I create is by no means the final electrical layout, it is a document that can be given to the electrician for preliminary bid pricing only. This plan will have how many switch locations, they type of lighting and rough layout.

When the electrician is ready to start, I have a meeting with the electrician, the builder and the homeowners to walk through the project physically. We mark up the plan and it is revised and notes are also marked on the walls and floors for “live” application. Prior to this walk-through, specific light fixtures should be chosen or purchased so that specifications can be given to the electrician.

As a homeowner, it is key to understand the importance of an Electrical Plan for both functional and financial reasons. Every home is custom and electrical is expensive, why not make it work in your favor – you will enjoy it for a long time!



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