Nature Inspires the Organic Fabric Line

I love to hike! There is just something about being outside all day and working hard physically that feels so very rewarding! My favorite place to hike is the White Mountains and taking on a 4000’ mountain. Typically, with these vertical climbs, I need to sit and catch my breath. It is in these restful… Continue reading Nature Inspires the Organic Fabric Line

The Benefits of a “Whole Home Design” Approach

Why a holistic strategy delivers the best in architecture, interior design, and landscape for a connected whole home design When I’m starting a new whole home design project it feels like Christmas Eve – every time I am SO excited! There are so many possibilities, each more thrilling than the next. These beginnings are always… Continue reading The Benefits of a “Whole Home Design” Approach

The Potting Shed!

Potting sheds are not only functional and fun but can also be very creative. This is a great article with some ideas of Potting Sheds and how to use reclaimed items. They come in many different shapes & sizes to meet your needs. Allow at least 2 days to clean out – especially when a… Continue reading The Potting Shed!