Why a Commercial Space Makes you “Feel”

Every space that I work on has a psychological goal for the space. Residentially, we are making our clients happy by fulfilling their personal goals and dreams. If they love purple cabinets, then purple cabinets it is (don’t get any ideas!). But commercially, the goal is more complex. We are trying to appeal to many… Continue reading Why a Commercial Space Makes you “Feel”

The Empty Nest, Now What?

Empty Nest, Now What? Transitioning from a house full of children to an empty nest has been an interesting one. At first, I thought, “Uh-oh, now what?” After 25 years of parenting children, just like that – they are gone. For parenting, the saying goes, “A day is like an eternity, a year is like… Continue reading The Empty Nest, Now What?

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Classic Colors for your Home

There is plenty of time to paint your house before the snow flies. So let’s talk colors. House Color Option: White: BM: Simply White BM: White Dove BM: White No Pigment SW: Pure White BM: Chantilly Lace FB: All White  Green: SW: Hunt Club BM: Chimichurri FB: Card Room Green Blue: BM: Sea Star BM:… Continue reading Classic Colors for your Home

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Summer Renovations

Are you considering a summer renovation? HERE is a great article that will help you consider the financial investment. When people reach out to me about a potential project, I always as three key questions: SCOPE: what is the scope of your project that you are hoping to accomplish? BUDGET: what is the budget that… Continue reading Summer Renovations