Why a Commercial Space Makes you “Feel”

Every space that I work on has a psychological goal for the space.

Residentially, we are making our clients happy by fulfilling their personal goals and dreams. If they love purple cabinets, then purple cabinets it is (don’t get any ideas!). But commercially, the goal is more complex. We are trying to appeal to many people, most of which I do not know, and many will just walk in and out of the space but a few times.

Our goal with the Seacoast Periodontist is even more complex, after all they are dentist who operate on your mouth. It’s safe to say that no one wants to walk into that office. The goal was to create an inviting space that lowers client’s heart rates from the moment they park their cars. The exterior materials have been explicitly curated and the landscaping plan has been reviewed and approved. The vestibule doors open into lobby with a contemporary ceiling fixture and a “Green Wall” of natural plants. The elevator is intended to be calming and relaxing.

When the doors to the elevator open, you see the beautiful waterfall quartz reception desk. These women are nice, nice, nice with beautiful smiles. They will take your information then you can take a seat in the waiting room or go to the restroom. In the restroom we have curated the wall and floor tile of the restroom with black and white hexagons which is replicated on the visual privacy buffer of wood plywood between the reception and office space. While the restroom is a fun and relaxing experience, the waiting room is also intended to be relaxing. With beautiful custom furniture (the fabric also replicating the hexagon shape) you can sit, relax and watch the leaves on the trees or peek at the traffic go around the traffic circle. The light fixture was selected to be seen from the traffic circle as a symbol of confidence in design.

When you are invited back to the operatory space through the 9’-0” high walnut doors, you will appreciate the professionalism that meets you. The flooring is neutral, light and clean. All the materials in the back area are intentionally neutral and sterile. Technology welcomes you in a functional and reasonable manner.

This project has been run logistically as a commercial project with a residential heart. Seacoast Periodontist wants you to know that they care about you. They want you to enjoy your visit as much as possible and FEEL relaxed.


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