Classic Colors for your Home

There is plenty of time to paint your house before the snow flies. So let’s talk colors.

House Color Option:


BM: Simply White

BM: White Dove

BM: White No Pigment

SW: Pure White

BM: Chantilly Lace

FB: All White


SW: Hunt Club

BM: Chimichurri

FB: Card Room Green


BM: Sea Star

BM: Deep Royal

BM: Newburyport Blue

BM: Hale Navy


C2: Jailhouse Rock

SW: Light French Gray

BM: San Antonio Gray

BM: Gauntlet Gray


FB: Pitch Black

BM: Black Panther

SW: Iron Ore

BM: French Beret

BM: Raccoon Fur

Door Color Options:

Black doors are always one of my favorites because they are crisp and clean with sharp lines.  But color is also a solid option. To be honest, I’m not a fan of light-colored doors. I feel that you need to accent your door, mark it and welcome people into your home. Below are red and blue options.


FB: Rectory Red

BM: Bull’s Eye

BM: Moroccan Red


SW: Riverway

BM: Caribbean Teal


BM = Benjamin Moore

SW = Sherwin Williams

FB = Farrow & Ball

Important note: If you haven’t secured your painter, it’s time to do so… maybe even for next summer. I secured my painter for 9 Walker Street in Kittery in October and they showed up in August.

Fact: On the seacoast of NH + ME we are having a painter shortage!


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