Driveway Considerations That Pave Your Way

Are you in the market for redoing your driveway? If so, let’s consider the options.

GRAVEL: The least expensive option for a driveway but keep in mind that you still need to maintain and update the gravel.


ASPHALT: An inexpeisive option and should be blacktopped every few years. Still expect divots and having to maintain the asphalt driveway.


CONCRETE: A wonderful (more expensive) option that can be a nice option to looking more organic and natural. Installation needs to include control cracks so that as the concrete settles and cracks it will always look for a place to go, best to give it a place to go.


PAVERS: These pavers are manufactured and created to be installed in a variety of patters and are manufactured to take a rated amount of weight. Pavers are sold as two different types by manufacturer; however, they can also simply be installed with a larger gap between the permeable pavers to qualify as non-permeable.

  • PERMEABLE – permeable pavers can become a beautiful tight pattern cut into any shape.
  • NON-PERMEABLE – Non-permeable pavers will not count as lot coverage which is a big deal in areas with small lots. They can be used as patios, driveways and walkways.


COMBINATION DRIVEWAYS: There is an opportunity that you could do pavers (either manufactured or granite) at the base of the driveway and change the material to any of the other materials above. This is a way of lowering your cost while still getting interesting and quality materials.


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