Seacoast Periodontist Care About You

It’s true, Seacoast Periodontist cares about you.

How do I know? Because, I’ve been working closely with them every day over the last few months and their concern is genuine to be both complex and sincere.


COMPLEX: Dentistry has an amazing amount of technology that is part of your treatment. This office will be the state of the art in technology. With computer screens that come out of the ceiling that the clients will experience, the doctors and assistants will take advantage of trade specific technology to treat your tender mouth with care.


SINCERE: Let’s admit it, who wants to go to the dentist, let along get oral surgery? Acknowledging this, the doctors took great care to bring you an atmosphere that is warm, welcoming, clean and modern. After all, they hired me! Haha. Their goal was to pull unique and original materials to the space so that when you walk off the beautiful elevator you feel relaxed (and maybe a bit distracted by the cars going around the traffic circle).

Once you are invited to the back space, it’s all business. These are kind doctors who take their work very seriously.


MATERIALS: The palette is neutral calm colors of beige, woods with a soft blue accent. We spent a great deal of time thinking about lighting, countertops and tile. The cabinetry is all custom to be efficient for the staff needs.


I’m very sensitive to space. Of course, my own home and office but also public space. There are plenty of wonderful restaurants that I simply can’t enjoy because the aesthetics are terrible. Doctors’ and attorneys are notorious for bringing a negative experience for me because the waiting room is so terrible.  Banks? Yikes! The truth is, everyone is sensitive to space and I strongly feel that when creating a public space, one should think about how they want people to FEEL when they are in it.


With Seacoast Periodontist all the genuine effort comes together as a commercial project with a residential feel. I hope that you will enjoy the space as much as I enjoyed created it with this great team.


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