Fabric of the Week: Morris

Morris is a fabric that was inspired by designer William Morris. Shown here in a large scale in the form of a tote bag with an accent of Cousins fabric in blue & green. The product is functional while the design is bold making a statement! William Morris was one of the most influential designers… Continue reading Fabric of the Week: Morris

Friday’s Find: Matilda Stool

This stool is a unique and original by Nate Deyesso. Graceful swooping lines makes this heavy Matilda stool, light and sleek. Made of steel and wood these stools can be made in many different finishes of metal and wood. If this is not quite what you are looking for, here are some other stool ideas… Continue reading Friday’s Find: Matilda Stool

Throwback Thursday: New Old Oak Table

This modern and updated table was sketched by my client replicating her grandfather’s table but with a throwback twist. Furniture designer, Craig White, recently moved and found in the loft this Maine oak that is irregular and endearing. The result is a unique and original piece of furniture that is filled with grace and beauty. The “flaws”… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: New Old Oak Table

Throwback Thursday: The Spirograph

Seriously, who doesn’t love playing with a spirograph? This geometric drawing toy was created in 1965 by british engineer  Denys Fisher. “Spirograph” has also been applied to the class of curves that can be produced with the drawing equipment, and therefore may be regarded as a synonym of hypotrochoid. When kids say that they hate math, put… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: The Spirograph

Friday’s Find: The Deyesso Chair

The Deyesso Chair is an original design and hand-crafted out of steel and wood. These lines are classic and elegant that add grace to any space. Available in 5 finishes and 5 woods as well as COM (Customer Own Material) fabric to make this the perfect chair for your space. Overall it measures 29″ x… Continue reading Friday’s Find: The Deyesso Chair

Fabric of the Week: Allegash2

This vibrant fabric design has movement and fun combined. We have 3 versions of spirographs, this one has a more outward movement. Combined with the colors that you need for your space, it pulls the room together. I am having this pattern fabricated into a large window treatment for a client with the spirograph being… Continue reading Fabric of the Week: Allegash2

Fabric of the Week: SHORE

Introducing “Shore” as part of our graphic fabric line. This fabric has a great deal of movement and would be perfect for a shower curtain! This fabric is available in many different color ways creating a different feel to each one. What colors do you need for your space?