Friday’s Find: The Deyesso Chair

The Deyesso Chair is an original design and hand-crafted out of steel and wood. These lines are classic and elegant that add grace to any space. Available in 5 finishes and 5 woods as well as COM (Customer Own Material) fabric to make this the perfect chair for your space. Overall it measures 29″ x 29″ with lightness to the legs it is perfect for smaller spaces.

Worth the investment? The price on this chair is $1800 which is a great price. Why?

1) It is an original piece of furniture that is not sold anywhere else.

2) You can go to your local big box store to fill the “chair requirement” but I can guarantee that you will replace it at least 4 times in your lifetime. This is a chair that will last that lifetime. All you need to do is replace the fabric and you will have a “new” chair.

This article on houzz is a completely unrealistic budget. This is a budget for buying your products at large discount stores that become landfills very quickly. Some things should be bought at discount, but not ALL. There is a time in your life when you just need furniture and you should shop within your budget. But if you have matured beyond that, consider INVESTING in furniture.


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