Throwback Thursday: The Spirograph

Seriously, who doesn’t love playing with a spirograph? This geometric drawing toy was created in 1965 by british engineer  Denys Fisher. “Spirograph” has also been applied to the class of curves that can be produced with the drawing equipment, and therefore may be regarded as a synonym of hypotrochoid. When kids say that they hate math, put… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: The Spirograph

Fabric of the Week: Allegash2

This vibrant fabric design has movement and fun combined. We have 3 versions of spirographs, this one has a more outward movement. Combined with the colors that you need for your space, it pulls the room together. I am having this pattern fabricated into a large window treatment for a client with the spirograph being… Continue reading Fabric of the Week: Allegash2

Fabric of the Week: Angelica

Angelica is a wonderful spirograph fabric that can play out as vibrant or simple. When in neutrals, it is a subtle tone on tone design. What is great about this design is that is has three colors and can be edited to match the colors that you need. Each color impacts the next one: background,… Continue reading Fabric of the Week: Angelica

Reclaimed Functional Art

The combination of the introducing reclaimed pieces with a modern interior provides a great deal of texture, movement and interest for an interiors. The gallery is an 1860’s house and has an exposed chimney which furniture designer, Craig White, created a piece of artwork out of old boards that is incredibly unique and custom for the room.… Continue reading Reclaimed Functional Art