Functional Artwork

It is my goal to bring you unique and original products for your home. While I am not a fine art gallery, I do highlight  one artist at a time and feature their art fabricated on home products. Truthfully, this takes a very trusting and open minded artist, Brian Coleman is just this. He told… Continue reading Functional Artwork

Brian Coleman’s Letter Art!

Often, ART comes in unexpected ways. Brian Coleman is an artist of LETTERS! As an employee of the Addison Museum in MA, Brian literally removes the lettering from the glass walls and creates his own unique works of artistic inspiration. His work is intentional, humorous, thoughtful, and motivating. While Brian’s art is shown on the gallery… Continue reading Brian Coleman’s Letter Art!

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Reclaimed Functional Art

The combination of the introducing reclaimed pieces with a modern interior provides a great deal of texture, movement and interest for an interiors. The gallery is an 1860’s house and has an exposed chimney which furniture designer, Craig White, created a piece of artwork out of old boards that is incredibly unique and custom for the room.… Continue reading Reclaimed Functional Art

Handcrafted Tiles

These ceramic 2×2 tiles bring a custom feel to the typical mosaic look. Available in 12 different colors as well as custom colors. They can also be fabricated in smaller and larger tiles. Think about these tiles as an artful inspiration to your kitchen or bathroom backsplash. To pull the textured space together, pulls and… Continue reading Handcrafted Tiles

Colorful Knobs

Beautiful clay hardware adds that special customization twist to any space. Available in 18 colors as well as custom options these look great on furniture or cabinetry in bathrooms and kitchens. Let me work with you to select the perfect style and color for your application to make it special just for you!

Pappelina Rugs

The Pappelina company’s hallmark is lasting quality and function as they create beautifully hand-crafted plastic rugs. With a traditional weaving technique that was born in 1948 and modernized by Pappelina in 1999 with the use of plastic designing a sustainable product. These rugs can be easily washed off and are a perfect compliment to Angela… Continue reading Pappelina Rugs

Lighting Simple & Elegant

This lamp by Farmhouse Pottery is graceful and classy. High quality and handcrafted from Woodstock, VT.  by artisan Zoe Zillion, this lamp provides simplicity and function to any space. Combined with a grasscloth shade out of the same color ways, brings movement and dimensionality as the light shines through it.

Featured on

This bathroom is featured on (–Boost-Your-Bathroom-Storage-With-a-Niche). Utilizing every inch of space is not only important but pushes the creative process. The storage next to the toilet and shower backs up to a small closet / cupboard in the bedroom that abuts the bathroom. is a great place to find inspiration and ideas. It’s also a great… Continue reading Featured on

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Unique Texture Lighting

Artisan Dan Landrum brings the gallery true artisan created lighting. His fundamental concern with manipulating basic materials in unconventional ways was to produce objects that are functional yet also visually striking.  The crisp edges made by a laser-cutter take the textural exploration of the flutes to a more nuanced level. Thinly cut in one direction, the assembled… Continue reading Unique Texture Lighting

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Ceramic Lighting Defines Functional Art.

These light fixtures are created by a collaboration between an architect, a lighting designer and a ceramic artist, creating unique designer lamps, lights and chandeliers, articulating lighting as a sculptural element. Shown in the gallery over the work table, this light fixture provides function, fun, complexity as well as simplicity. The gallery features pendants and… Continue reading Ceramic Lighting Defines Functional Art.

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