What’s in Your Pot?

Memorial Day has come and gone so I trust your pots are out and ready to be planted, right?

Every year, I create a “Garden Wall” in my driveway to create privacy and separate the cars from the patio. The result is that my patio area increases while my driveway gets shorter (it’s summer, I can walk a few more steps from the car to the house). It is a flexible and functional design model.

The large pots are planted with Miscanthis grasses and are stored in the shed over the winter. This year when I brought them out (yes, late) they already had about 8” of growth. I stagger pots of varying heights then fill them with annual plants. I keep the density and textures between pots different so that when the plants grow in, they make a strong statement. By mid June, these plants will do me the favor of creating a beautiful, textured “wall”.

Here is my plant list:

  • Cannas ‘Freckle Face”
  • Datura
  • Super Petunias ‘Royal Magenta’
  • Castonbean ‘Bright Red Carmencita’
  • Coleus ‘Solar Furnace’
  • Salvia ‘Victoria Blue’
  • Aegonia ‘Dragon Wing Pink’

What’s on your list?


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